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Get the Facts
Falls and Hip Fractures Among Older Adults
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control provides background information about the facts of falls among older adults.
What Causes Falls in the Elderly? How Can I Prevent a Fall?
The American Academy of Family Physicians sponsors this site. The information will help you learn the causes of falls and what you and your family can do to prevent them.
Practical Tips and Tools
A Tool Kit to Prevent Senior Falls
The Centers for Disease Control designed this toolkit for fall prevention programs. A Tool Kit To Prevent Senior Falls includes fact sheets, graphs, and brochures about falls and fall prevention for older adults.
Falls Risk Assessment
Take this 11-item quiz to see if you are at risk for falling.
Home Safety
Environmental hazards in the home can lead to falls and injuries. This web site provides suggestions that may increase your safety at home.
Nutrition and Bone Health. Fall Prevention and Medication
From the NOAHnet web site, this checklist will help you determine your risk of falls and if the medications you take may increase your risk. Also included is a tool to help you make a personal plan to prevent falls.
Medications and Fall Prevention
Tips for safe medication use.
When Slips Get Serious. The Basics on Fall-Proofing Your Home
Practical tips for making your home safe against falls.
Online Resources
Eye exams: What to expect.
Good vision is one of the key factors in preventing falls. Have you had your eyes examined lately? Do you have questions or concerns about an eye exam? Review this article by the Mayo Clinic to learn everything you need to know about eye exams.
Find an Ophthalmologist
Exercises for Older Adults
Older adults often have difficulty finding exercises that they can do. This collection of handouts gives simple and easy exercises that can be done standing or sitting. These exercises can decrease your risk of falling by improving strength, flexibility, and balance.
Falls: Reduce Your Risk
This article by the Mayo Clinic provides an overview of the causes of falls and what you can do to prevent them. Related links to slide shows on the following topics:
This is the official web site of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence. Their mission is to identify best practices in fall prevention and to help communities offer fall prevention programs to older people who are at risk of falling. Resources are available for service providers, individuals and families, and researchers and educators.
Seniors' Falling Injuries Are Preventable
This article gives practical tips from WebMD on how to identify causes of falls and what you can do to prevent them.
Tai Chi May Help Seniors Avoid Falls
Fitness, Flexibility, Balance, and Confidence Improved in 12-Week Study

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