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Food Safety shadow graphic
Get the Facts
Four Steps to Food Safety
Do you know the four steps to food safety? Learn all the details in this quick reference.
Practical Tips and Tools
Foods Older Adults are Advised Not to Eat
Our immune systems weaken as we age, making it easier to get sick in our later years. We have an increased risk for getting sick from harmful bacteria. Also, illnesses associated with advanced age increase our risk for food-borne illness. Learn which foods to avoid to prevent illness.
Safe Cooking Temperatures
A quick and easy to use guide for proper cooking temperatures.
Online Resources
American Council on Science and Health - Food Safety
ACSH publishes on a wide range of public and environmental health topics.
Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 - Appendix 3: Food Safety Principles and Guidance for Consumers.
A brief summary of the 2010 guidelines for food safety are described.
Fight Bac!
Information about all aspects of food safety is provided - from buying to cooking and storage.
Food Safety Education
Type in a question about food safety, and Karen, the FSIS Virtual Representative, will answer it for you.
FoodSafety.gov is a gateway website that provides links to selected government food safety-related information.
Home Food Safety.
The American Dietetic Association and the ConAgra Foods Foundation have joined together in this consumer education web site to communicate the important role consumers play in preparing foods safely in their own homes (or at work/school).
Keep or Toss?
Do you know when it's safe to keep a food or when it should be tossed? Use this online tutorial to learn about proper handling of raw and cooked foods to prevent food-borne illness.
Safe Handling of Take-Out Foods
In today's busy world, take-out and delivered foods are experiencing runaway popularity. Proper handling of the food and the leftovers is essential to ensure the food is safe for you to eat. You will find important guidelines from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.
Unites States Department of Agriculture Food Safety Education
The Food Safety and Inspection Service educates consumers about the importance of safe food handling and how to reduce the risk associated with foodborne illnesses. You will find links to videos, fact sheets, and online games about food safety.





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