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Get Healthy Grapevine is a wellness newsletter co-produced by the Department of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia, and the Division of Aging Services at the Georgia Department of Human Resources. Each issue contains useful information about chronic disease prevention and health promotion. Practical tips related to nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle management especially for adults age 50+ are included.

An archive of all past issues of the newsletter is listed below. You can receive the newsletter automatically by email if you are a member of the LWAW listserv. If you would like to subscribe to get the newsletter by email, visit http://www.livewellagewell.info/listserv_subscribe.htm to add your name to the listserv.

Jan: Starting S.M.A.R.T. [Word|PDF]

Feb: Physically Fit for February [Word|PDF]

Mar: Eat Right, Your Way, Everyday! [Word|PDF]

Jan: Glaucoma Awareness [Word|PDF]

Feb: Getting to Know MyPlate [Word|PDF]

Mar: Healthy Sleep [Word|PDF]

Apr: Safe Driving for Seniors [Word|PDF]

May: Social Networking 101 for Seniors [Word|PDF]

June: Recognizing Dehydration [Word|PDF]

July: Watermelon: More Than a Fourth of July Tradition [Word|PDF]

August: Immunizations: Not Just for Kids [Word|PDF]

September: Let's Celebrate Healthy Aging [Word|PDF]

October: Fabulous Fall Produce [Word|PDF]

November: Giving Thanks, Giving Care [Word|PDF]

December: Holiday Survivial Guide 2012 [Word|PDF]

Jan: Healthy Crock Pot Cooking [Word|PDF]

Feb: Vision Awareness Month [Word|PDF]

Mar: Eating Right with Color [Word|PDF]

Apr: Hydration [Word|PDF]

May: Arthritis [Word|PDF]

Jun: Men's Health [Word|PDF]

Jul: Women's Health [Word|PDF]

Aug: Immunization Awareness [Word|PDF]

Sep: The Lowdown on Fat, Sodium, and Added Sugars [Word|PDF]

Oct: Halloween Safety Tips for Seniors [Word|PDF]

Nov: Lung Cancer Awareness for Seniors [Word|PDF]

Dec: Older Adults and AIDS [Word|PDF]

2010 Issues

Jan: It's a New Year, So Let's Get Moving! [Word | PDF]

Feb: Whole Hearted Health [Word|PDF]

Mar: Pillar of Salt [Word|PDF]

Apr: Saunter, Stroll, or Strind in Spring 2010 [Word|PDF]

May: Physical Activity: Getting and Staying Alive [Word|PDF]

Jun: Fruits and Veggies: More Matters [Word|PDF]

Jul: Proper Hydration [Word|PDF]

Aug: Checkups: Early Prevention [Word|PDF]

Sep: National Whole Grains Month [Word|PDF]

Oct: Mental Wellness and Aging [Word|PDF]

Nov: American Diabetes Month [Word|PDF]

Dec: Eating Healthy During the Holiday [Word|PDF]

2009 Issues

Jan: Weight Management [Word|PDF]

Feb: Nutrition Fact Labels and Claims [Word|PDF]

Mar: National Nutrition Month [Word|PDF]

Apr: Spring into Control with Blood Pressure [Word|PDF]

May: Exercise Your Way Through May [Word|PDF]

Jun: Stay Healthy with Fruits and Vegetables [Word|PDF]

Jul: Hydrate for Your Health [Word|PDF]

Aug: Get Checked! [Word|PDF]

Sep: Depression and Older Adults [Word|PDF]

Oct: The Bulk Behind Fiber [Word|PDF]

Nov: Keeping Your Mind Healthy [Word|PDF]

Dec: Holiday Healthy Package [Word|PDF]

2008 Issues

Jan: Fiber Focus Month [Word | PDF]

Feb: AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month [Word|PDF]

Mar: Nutrition: It's a Matter of Fact [Word|PDF]

Apr: Spring into Cancer Control Month [Word|PDF]

May: High Blood Pressure Education Month [Word|PDF]

Jun: National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month [Word|PDF]

Jul: Summer Fun and Fitness with Parks, Recreation, and Leisure [Word|PDF]

Aug: Cataract Awareness Month [Word|PDF]

Sep: Cholesterol Education Month [Word|PDF]

Oct: Fluids and Hydration [Word|PDF]

Nov: Feeding Your Immune System [Word|PDF]

Dec: Shopping and Cooking on A Budget [Word|PDF]

2007 Issues

Jan: It's a New Year, So Let's Get Moving! [Word | PDF]

Feb: February is American Heart Month! [Word | PDF]

Mar: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month [Word | PDF]

Apr: The Good and Bad about Fats [Word | PDF]

May: National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month [Word | PDF]

Jun: Fun with Fruits and Vegetables! [Word | PDF]

Jul: Play It Safe with Supplements [Word | PDF]

Aug: Hooray for Whole Grains! [Word | PDF]

Sep: National Food Safety Education Month [Word | PDF]

Oct: Be Mindful of Mental Well-Being [Word | PDF]

Nov: American Diabetes Month [Word | PDF]

Dec: Happy, Healthy Holidays! [Word | PDF]


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