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Get the Facts
What is Parkinson's Disease
Answers from the National Parkinson's Foundation.
Parkinson’s disease health center
Orientation to Parkinson's disease: general information, including what it is, who it affects, symptoms, and other quick facts.
Parkinson's Disease Q & A. A Guide for Patients
Includes forty questions commonly asked about Parkinson's disease by patients and their families to understand and cope with symptoms.
Self-Assessment Tools
Depression and Parkinson's Disease
A fact sheet summarizing what Parkinson's Disease patients need to know about depression.
Parkinson's Disease: Coping With Parkinson's
Coping with Parkinson's Disease: tips for adapting your lifestyle successfully to cope with the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
Activities of Daily Living: Practical Pointers for Parkinson's Disease
What are the Symptoms of the Disease?
Symptoms of PD: symptoms may vary among individuals and may be confused with "Parkinsonism." An individual's health care provider can evaluate their individual symptoms.
Parkinson's Disease: Fitness Counts
Exercise to Stay Mobile: the importance of exercise and examples of movements that fight stiffness and make everyday activities easier.
Parkinson's Disease: Nutrition Matters
Eating Well to Stay Healthy: a look at specific nutritional challenges and guidelines for Parkinson's disease patients. (Please note that updates to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are not included in this publication; see www.choosemyplate.gov for general healthy eating tips)
Parkinson's Disease: Caring for Loved Ones: Tips to Help Them (and You) Cope
Caregiving: general tips for helping Parkinson's disease patients and their caregivers cope with the symptoms.
PDF Newsletter
Parkinson's Disease Foundation quarterly publication that includes tips for daily living, new research findings, personal stories, and treatments; sign up for free to receive the newsletter.
Understanding Genetic Diseases
A short explanation of what it means when a disease "runs in the family."
Research Findings and New Directions
A more in-depth look at progress in Parkinson's disease research, including causes and treatment developments.
Parkinson's Disease Tutorial
Easy-to-read tutorial for understanding Parkinson's disease.

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