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Success Stories

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Estell Patterson
Estelle Patterson
Trenton, GA
86 Years Young






Tell us about your family and your accomplishments.

  • I  was born in Manchester, TN.  We moved to Chattanooga, TN when I was two years old.  When I was six years old, I had just started school when my mother died.  They put me and my baby sister who was nine months old in the Vine Street Orphanage in Chattanooga.  They found a home for my older brother and sister. Throughout our lives we were able to stay in touch with each other.
  • When I was eight years old, distant relatives who couldn’t have children, became my foster parents and we lived in Mission Ridge near Rossville where I went to school and graduated from high school.
  • I went to Wiley’s Business School in Chattanooga in 1940.  On the first day of class, “I looked across the aisle and saw the best looking young man with curly hair and I said, he’s mine even if I never get him!”  About one year later, we were married, we were both 19 years old.
  • A few months later he went into the Army in the Medical Core.  He was stationed in Florida when he got word he had a new baby daughter.  He got to come home for two weeks.
  • He was gone for three years, overseas 2 years.  I stayed here
  • When he came home, we bought a house in Rossville so we could have a home of our own.  About one year later, he wanted to move back to the country so we moved back to Trenton where he was from.  I told my husband, “I am like the lady in the Bible and would go where every you go.”  It’s like you, “do what you gotta do.”  We had 48 wonderful years of marriage.
  • We had another daughter, who just passed away two years ago.  I also have two grandsons.
  • I love to travel and have been to Alaska and Hawaii, plus other places.
  • About six years ago at a routine annual office visit, my Dr. found a heart murmur.  He sent me to a specialist and I was operated on at 3 AM the next day and had to have a pace maker.  Lesson learned is to be sure to have those annual exams!

Do you visit a senior center?

Yes.  Trenton/Dade County

How long have you been attending the center?
6 - 7 years.

What made you start going to the center?

A friend wanted me to come.  I love it here.

What kinds of activities do you enjoy at the center?

I like to be around people.  I love the trips we take.  I like to talk and play the board games.

How has the center helped you Age Well and Live Well?

Being able to mix with people, staying active, attending the different programs such as the exercise and healthy eating programs.  I eat healthy and exercise on a treadmill and stationery bike.  I also go dancing every Saturday night with a friend I met at the Senior Center.  When my daughter passed away, the Senior Center really helped at this time.

Do you volunteer at your senior center or at other community organizations?  

I  go to the nursing home every Tuesday to “try to cheer up older residents.”  I took care of my Foster Mother for a number of years before she passed away.

What advice would you give to young people today on how to live a good long life?

Mix with people, stay busy, don’t set at home behind closed doors. We are all lucky to be alive and we need to treasure every day.
















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